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Got Paperwork? Managing Your Active Files

Paper may be going the way of the dinosaur for some-witness the U.S. Government's recent announcement that its 73 million annual social security payments will now be issued electronically instead of by paper check-but for many, paper is still king.

Numerous jobs, and countless homes, require juggling multiple sheaves of paper on a daily basis. Parents of school-age children can attest that staying on top of paperwork is a daily battle. And for small-to-mid-sized businesses, physical paperwork often trumps its digital counterpart. Heck, some people just prefer paper.

Regardless of why your desk is awash in paperwork, we're here to help with advice on keeping your active files manageable and easy to use. No full-to-bursting files here. Just simple, streamlined functionality.

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Making The Most Of A Long Commute

Long commute got you down? You're not alone. The average American commutes almost 50 minutes a day says the Census Bureau. And the number of "super-commuters," who live far outside a metropolitan area, but commute in for work is growing fast.

Commuting isn't fun, virtually everyone agrees. In fact Time Magazine last year ran a health piece called Why Commuting Sucks the Life Out of You which cited all sorts of depressing statistics including the fact that couples facing long commutes have higher divorce rates than those without.

While long commutes, often in crowded conditions, will never make anyone's list of a good time, we've rounded up some tips to make commuting more bearable and perhaps even productive.

Finish up Work: Technology means commuting time can be used to finish up work that might otherwise cut into home time. Laptops let you send emails, proof reports or read documents. Bluetooth technology allows for hands-free meetings from inside your car.

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