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Simple Spaces, Productive Places

Anyone who has ever had to root around a cluttered desk in search of a needed item understands a simple truth: too much stuff adds up to disorganization and compromised productivity. Take a minute to look around your work space; would you describe it as well-organized and streamlined? Or cluttered and complicated?

Simple spaces, which are both streamlined in terms of form (bye bye clutter) and function (think hassle free organization systems), minimize stress and disorganization and maximize productivity. Follow our steps for creating simple, efficient workspaces that promote order and ease.

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Work-Life Balance: A Myth Or A Must?

Over the years, anyone interested in career development or the modern workplace has no doubt read countless articles on work-life balance. Some articles say you absolutely need it. Others claim it's impossible to achieve. So which is it?

Recently, I came across an article on work-life balance that used the imagery of scales. On one side of the scale is work, the other side, personal life. The author argued that balance, those moments where both sides are equally in sync, could be achieved but that moments of equilibrium are fleeting. Most of the time, life and its demands move the scales up and down as the challenges and demands of the day force the scales apart.

This image provides a useful lens through which to view the competing demands of work and personal life: while balance is a goal, sometimes achieved, perfect equilibrium is rare and its absence should not be cause for distress or hand-wringing.

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Simple Spaces, Productive Places
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