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The Only Three Tips You Need for a More Productive January

Who doesn't love the New Year's fresh start? After a month of hectic holidays, January is a time of rejuvenation, a time to reset, and rev up for the upcoming year. Kick your 2012 off with the only three tips you'll need for a productive January.

Prioritize: Prioritization is the cornerstone of productivity. The ability to prioritize, to assess your to-do list and triage the most pressing, vital tasks, is a must-have survival skill. As a bonus, effective prioritization is also a major stress-buster.

Need help mastering this must-have skill? Take into account that prioritizing is based on managing time constraints, assessing the potential profitability/benefit of an action as well as the consequences of not completing a task.

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When You Can’t Do It All: Picking One Major Reorg Project for 2012

Juggling the demands of work, family, health and home, not to mention Uncle Sam (hello upcoming tax season!) can be too many balls in the air. Chances are there are certain projects that get dropped time and time again.

This year commit to moving one back-burner project front and center. Does your overflowing attic drive you crazy? Or is it the piles of paperwork that never get filed? Have you been dying to tackle years of digital photos languishing unprinted and unshared on your computer? Everyone has a project they really wish they could get to: make 2012 the year of the Finally-Making-The-Time! project.

Getting Started- Go for gratification: Pick a project that will really and truly provide a sense of accomplishment. If you feel like you ought to tackle your messy garage but would prefer to spend time sorting photos, go with the photos. You never know, your glow of accomplishment from completing one major undertaking may carry you through a garage clean up as well!

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