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Job-Hunting Tips for the Parents of New Grads
The valedictories are done, your new grad suitably feted. Next on the agenda: job-hunting 101. Given the state of the economy—high unemployment, dismal growth?it’s natural for grads and their parents to wonder if the hard-earned (and expensive) diploma will translate into a decent paying job.

The good news is that a college or graduate degree is still a major marketing tool, providing job seekers with door-opening credentials. Parents wishing to lend a hand during an off-spring’s job should keep four key points in mind.
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Keeping Your Skill Set Vital Through the Years
Wisdom may come with age but how about up-to-date job skills? Aging workers must continually polish their skill set: longevity doesn’t always equal marketability.

Older workers would be wise to repeatedly ask themselves an essential question: what can I do to make my job, my career, more secure? How can I enhance my skills, experience and perspective to ensure that I stay marketable?
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