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Got Sunscreen? Organizing For Summer Fun

Nothing derails summer fun faster than forgetting your sunblock for a day at the beach. And arriving at the pool party sans bathing suit? A definite buzzkill. Take time to organize yourself for maximum summer fun; a well-stocked pool bag is worth its weight in gold.

Summer Staples: Hot summer days mean sunblock is your best friend. Stock up online for the best deals and check ratings before you buy: Not all blocks are rated effective by Consumer Reports. Buy enough to last the summer so you don't need to settle for over-priced convenience store options in a pinch. Consider purchasing travel sizes to keep in your hand bag or the car so you're never caught unprotected. Ditto for other summer must-haves like bug spray, citronella candles, aloe and other remedies for sunburns.

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Managing Your To-Do Lists

Like death and taxes, to-do lists are an inescapable part of life. But sometimes it can feel as if the to-do list never quite gets done.

We've rounded up some tips, and some tools, that will have you happily checking off your action items in no time flat.

Get from to-do, to done, with these three simple steps:

  • Write a short and specific list: Craft a list that prioritizes what truly needs to get done. If you swamp your list with too many items, you run the risk of running out of time. Each day, focus on no more than three items at a time and keep a running list of smaller, less consequential items that can wait for a later date. Once a week, knock off that running list.

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