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Tackle Spring Cleaning As A Family

Ah, spring cleaning: an annual ritual that is often anticipated with dread but completed with satisfaction. Even the most mop-shy among us can relish the squeaky clean of a thoroughly cleaned and newly organized home. This year, recruit family members to help make the spring cleaning process relatively quick and painless-and even fun.

Go Big

Think of spring cleaning as the time to tackle the big picture chores that often get overlooked during the day-to-day when we tend to focus on small bore tasks that keep our home humming such as laundry, emptying trash cans and dealing with recycling.

Spring cleaning is a chance to freshen your home by undertaking larger jobs such as cleaning windows, carpets, drapes and your appliances. We also recommend switching out your winter and spring clothes and bedding and dusting your home thoroughly. Not sure what areas of the home to tackle? For a helpful time-saver, Google "spring cleaning checklist" for handy to-do lists that are broken down room-by-room..

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5 Things To Do Everyday

If your daily routine has become humdrum, shake it up in as little as five simple steps. You may have caught the blogosphere buzz over a Fast Company post, 5 Things to Do Every Day for Success,  that quickly went viral last year. The steps themselves are hardly revolutionary-wake early, follow the news, reach out to a work contact, an old friend, and send someone a hand-written note. Simple indeed. So why the major buzz?

If the self-help shelf at your local bookstore is any indicator, people love advice on overhauling certain aspects of their lives. And five simple steps, practiced every day, falls into the category of manageable change. Too many items on a to-do list generally means some items never get crossed off. Five items? Well, that's doable.

Consider the tips in the Fast Company post as a way to jump start a stalled engine: rising earlier, keeping abreast of industry trends and news and interacting with smart colleagues and cherished friends creates a frisson of energy. Harness that momentum and you're off and running!

We've rounded up other great resources touting five-no more, no less-steps to reinvigorate your daily routine.

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