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Are You Too Organized? Take Our Quiz

We love being organized as much as the next label-maker addict. Rows of neatly labeled folders and alphabetized spice cabinets make us happy. But sometimes we wonder, is it possible to be too organized? If being organized is getting in the way of your productivity (and sanity!) the answer is a resounding “yes.”

Think you might suffer from “over-organized” syndrome? See if you answer yes to any of these 4 organizing pitfalls.

Too Many Categories: Do you subdivide your files to the point bwhere it's difficult to keep track of categories? If so, you’ve gone to far. Files should be simple to maintain. Think thick, not thin (i.e. design your files to capture about two-inches of material, rather than say, two sheets of paper).

To-Do List Overload: Would your to-do list give a professional events planner the shivers? Be honest. Its all too easy to fall into the “have it all, do it all” trap. Just because you can karate-chop your schedule into submission with your ninja time-management skills, doesn’t mean you should. Try to do less, not more, every day.

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Easy Career Moves Everyone Should Take in 2014

Don’t let the date on the calendar fool you. Resolutions are not just for January. When it comes to job-hunting, for a new gig or just a better role in your current one, smart career moves are made all year long.

Update Your Look: Do a Google search and assess your social media profile. Being on LinkedIn is not enough. Are you being active? Look to engage your network and expand your contacts continually. Join industry groups and share relevant links. Spend some time on the LinkedIn Help Center for webinars and case studies offering tips on optimizing your profile and networking. While you’re at it, take a good long look at your headshot, which brings us to Tip # 2.

Enough with the Outdated Headshot: Make 2014 the year you invest in (or retake) a professional headshot. Too many LinkedIn or Facebook profiles have casual photos. Signal your professionalism with a pro headshot. If your current photo is a few year old, its time for an update. Fashions and hairstyles change: don’t make the mistake of letting an outdated photo give the impression your skills are similarly rusty.

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