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Tame Unwanted Facebook Photos

Putting your best face forward on Facebook is more than mere vanity. Controlling your image on the social media giant is as critical to your professional reputation as impeccable references and a polished resume. Put another way: don't try job hunting with embarrassing photos lurking.

Recruiters and hiring managers are increasingly using Facebook to screen prospective hires. A whopping 90 percent of hiring managers check out potential candidates' social media accounts and almost the same number have rejected a candidate because of inappropriate Facebook content.

Given that Facebook's new Timeline format makes photos more visible and discoverable than ever, managing the images you present to the world is critical. Now, Pendaflex is offering all its Facebook fans a one-stop solution to finding and removing unwanted photos. The Pendaflex Tag Tamer, a free, user-friendly app, streamlines the process of managing unwanted photos using an advanced search function that is faster and more user-friendly than Facebook's default method.

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Arguing Productively

Parents of bickering siblings may wish their quarrelsome kiddies would just stop arguing already, but the fine art of how to disagree agreeably is a crucial skill.

Too often arguing is seen as counterproductive, or emotions are allowed to trump reason and arguing becomes combative. When people disagree disagreeably, the opportunity to achieve consensus or to come up with a winning idea is lost. Done properly, arguing has upside.

Argue to Communicate
Gun shy about arguing? Look at disagreeing as just another way to communicate. In How to Disagree Agreeably, Real Simple Magazine offers a primer on how to compromise, clear the air and fight fair. Tips include: wait until you're calm, pick your battles, be respectful and consider compromise, among others.

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