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Organizing For Wellness

When it comes to your health, some things are beyond your control: genes, governmental health policies, cravings for chocolate. Okay, the siren song of chocolate is actually something you do need to manage, but other much easier steps can guard your health and well-being.

Manage Medical Records

Stay on top of your important medical records with one of our favorite organizational tools: the 3-ring binder. Having your files handy allows you to easily share both your complete medical history and daily medications with various doctors. Set your binder up to do more than just corral test results; use dividers to sort paperwork for insurance reimbursement, calendars for future appointments, and notes on recommended health products and medicines, etc. For more ideas on organizing a medical binder, we like the advice in Stop Lying to Your Doctor by Organizing Your Medical Records.

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Life Lessons- Teaching Kids Organization 101

This school year, teach your children one of life's most valuable lessons: how to be organized. While algebra and Latin declensions may be best left to the pros, no one is better equipped to teach Organization 101 than a parent. After all, the basics of organization begin at home. So study up and teach your children well.

Why Organization Matters

Being organized increases productivity and decreases stress: in short organization improves student achievement and reduces the bad stuff. Being organized also increases free time for sports, hobbies and family and friends. Other benefits include:

  • A (relatively) neat desk, book bag and room
  • A workable system for tracking assignments and managing a weekly schedule
  • The ability to tackle big projects that require planning over time
  • Decreased stress; feeling in control, rather than overwhelmed
  • The ability to make healthy lifestyle choices such as time for exercise and a decent bedtime

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