Community Forum Tutorial-Registering and Logging In

I Hate Filing Club: Registering and Logging in to the Community.

We have exciting news for I Hate Filing Club Members! We’ve just re-launched the I Hate Filing Club Forum and message areas with new, improved functionality and some very cool features.

To get started exploring the area, register on by clicking the “Community Sign In” text in the upper right of any page.

You’ll need to register again, even if you are a long time club member and had registered on the old website.
As you go through the registration page, you’ll see an area where you can add a “Community User” name. Be sure to fill this in with the name you would like to be called in the I Hate Filing Club Forums.

After you have entered your information, click the “Create Account” button and you’re all set.
You’ll now see a “Your Account” text link on the upper right of every page on the site. Click that, and enter the forums through the link on the left side of the page.