EarthWise® Products

Good For The Earth. Good For Your Workplace.

Pendaflex® created EarthWise® products because our environmental concerns are as deep as yours.

The Facts:
US office workers discard more than 100 million tons of paper every year.

Each ton of paper made from recycled fibers saves 17 trees, 4100 kilowatts of energy, 7000 gallons of water and 60 pounds of air pollutants.

The EarthWise® difference:
EarthWise® products utilize 100% recycled fibers with a maximum amount of post-consumer material. In addition, EarthWise® filing supplies feature a unique multi-layer construction that provides uncompromising performance.

What are recycled paper fibers?
Recycled paper fiber refers to material such as scraps and trimmings previously used to produce paper.

What does post-consumer mean?
It is the percentage of material that has been used, discarded and then re-used to make other products.

Why choose EarthWise®?
EarthWise® best addresses the two most pressing environmental issues: overflowing landfills and the depletion of natural resources used to make paper.

Engineered to be the same, designed to make a difference.
EarthWise® delivers the same superior performance as non-recycled filing supplies, yet they can make a world of difference.

EarthWise® products are specifically designed to help you do your part in preserving environmental resources for the future. In fact, EarthWise® was the first line of filing supplies to meet or exceed the EPA's revised guidelines for post consumer and recycled material content.

The choice is up to you...
Do your part to protect the planet for tomorrow.
Use filing supplies made from recycled paper fibers, and always insist on products that contain maximum amounts of post-consumer material!

Choose from a comprehensive line of filing products to meet your needs.
There's an EarthWise 100% recycled filing product just right for your office and home office, each carefully crafted to help you organize paperwork quickly and keep it organized daily.
Learn some ideas and techniques for minimizing your office's impact on the environment and reducing carbon emissions.

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