Tips for the Environmentally Friendly Office

Learn some ideas and techniques for minimizing your office's impact on the environment .

•Be sure to power down and turn off your computer at the end of the day.

•Turn off the lights in gathering areas such as lunch rooms and lavatories.
Even better, have automatic sensors installed that turn on only when the room is occupied and turn off when the last person leaves.

•Rearrange desks and workstations to take advantage of natural light.
Then, add a small plant or two to your work area.

•Only print if you must.
If you have to use paper, buy recycled. Think about how you are laying out your documents and spreadsheets. Try to compact the data to as few printed pages as possible. For instance, in powerpoint, print “handouts/3 slides per page”, instead of one sheet for each slide. Not only does this save paper, but it offers an area for note taking.

•Ban Styrofoam and bring in your own coffee mug.

•Use lunch boxes or insulated lunch bags to bring your food to work.
Not only is it environmentally healthier, you can make a cool statement by finding a vintage lunch box at a thrift store.

•Monitor your office recycling program.
Many offices have “blue” bins for recycled office paper. Usually they morph into regular garbage bins. Set up a slot on top that only allows copy paper to be placed into the bin.

•If your office is in the city, be sure you are using a bicycle delivery service and not cars or cabs for deliveries.

•Install faucet aerators in the lavs and kitchens at your workplace.
Gallons of water will be saved with no noticeable changes in delivery.

•Review your supply contracts for environmental committment.
Is your office supply company offering a large selection of recycled products? What is their corporate environmental position?

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