Feeling Low? Give Your Office Morale a Boost

Published Wednesday, May 19, 2010 11:08 AM

For the better part of the last two years, we have been inundated with the harsh realities of the economic downturn. So, it likely comes as no surprise that a recent survey showed that almost a quarter of all businesses are experiencing low employee morale.

As this Reuters report on the poll sets out, survey respondents attribute the problem to:

  • High stress levels
  • Increased workloads
  • Favoritism

According to this post on the causes and cures of low morale in the workplace, another driving force is poor leadership.

If you are an employer or office leader, it is important to be proactive in recognizing and remedying low morale in the workplace. You can start with some guidance from this CareerBuilder.com post on 5 No-Brainer Morale Boosters. Topping the list is "do as you say." Hypocracy is a very destructive force and "you should hold yourself accountable just as you do your employees." More tips can be found in this HR World post on boosting morale, including:

  • Celebrate personal milestones
  • Establish employee-recognition programs
  • Treat employees to lunch
  • Check in regularly through individual and group meetings
  • Bring employees together to perform community service
  • Offer financial incentives
  • Conduct employee-satisfaction surveys

As this TechRepublic post on team morale points out, no one should ignore the uplifting power of being a good listener and saying "thank you." If you are looking for a group exercise to raise office spirits, you should take note of this post discussing the office morale-boosting effects of NCAA office pools.

Do you have any suggestions about boosting office morale? Please share them with us here or on the Beyond Folders Community's Facebook and Twitter pages.

By Bradley Eggers


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