Cyber Security: How Safe Are You?

Published Tuesday, August 31, 2010 2:23 PM

The business world is buzzing this month about the news that leading chip maker Intel is acquiring security software giant McAfee.  In a joint news statement, the companies said by joining forces they can better combat today's cyber security issues, which require "a fundamentally new approach to security"--mainly by integrating security into hardware via chips.

Protect Your Identity

Good news for PC owners sick of viruses and malware attacks. But the news also begs the question, how safe are our online identities now and what can we do to protect ourselves while Intel and McAffee look for future solutions.

Simple steps you can take to protect your computer from being hijacked include:

  • Make sure your Windows computer remains up to date on security patches.
  • Use antivirus and firewall software.
  • Be cautious about clicking on links or file attachments that arrive via e-mail or instant message.
  • Be careful what you download.
  • Find an alternate browser to Internet Explorer which is vulnerable to spyware.

Be sure to educate your children about cyber safety. They can inadvertently download items or click through to links that breach the security measures you've been so careful to maintain. And don't forget to limit your exposure on social media sites; private information should never be shared publically.

For more tips for protecting your online identity, we've assembled some great articles:

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By Carly Fadako


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