Refresh Your Office, Reboot Your Productivity

Published Tuesday, December 14, 2010 5:07 PM

Office blahs got you down? Feeling ho hum at work? For a quick pick-me-up, try transforming your office space.

Whether you call home, a cubicle or the corner suite the office, we all clock many hours a day at work. Experts say your day-to-day environment can have a profound effect on your attitude. And if "familiarity breeds contempt" - or at least the blahs - then a change, even a subtle one, can create a sense of vitality and energy. A new look for your office can give you a new outlook at work!

Ready to reboot?

Create breathing room: A simple clean up may be enough to do the trick. Toss old newspapers, magazines, coffee cups, unused office accessories and clutter in the trash. Look around, the view is better already!

Let there be light: Fluorescent lights provides visibility, not atmosphere. If your office policy permits, add a task lamp to your desk. Look for one in a fun color - bright yellow, hot pink - or add a decorative lamp with a shade casting a warm, soft light.

Seek inspiration: You work for a reason: to provide for your family, for money for hobbies or travel, to further your career. Use pictures to remind you of what matters most or what inspires you. Perhaps it's a travel poster of a longed for destination or photos of your children or pet. Screensavers of nature shots or family vacation photos can also perk up your mood. Rotate these images periodically for a fresh source of smiles.

Nature's Bounty: Fresh flowers are a mood enhancer but there's no need to spring for costly bouquets. Think holly branches in the winter and daffodils in the spring. Even clear bowls of pine cones or seashells are beautifully decorative and wonderfully free. Take pains to brighten your space, you spend enough time there to make it worthwhile.

Move it!: If possible, rearrange the furniture. In a cubicle this can be difficult to do, but even within a cube, you can often shift your monitor or move your filing cabinet. In a larger office or at home, try repositioning your desk to afford a different perspective. Again, depending on where you work and what's permissible, a fresh coat of paint, new wall art or rug can also do wonders in giving an old office a new look.

Does your work space affect your productivity? How do you create a nurturing work environment? Share your thoughts here and on the Beyond Folders Community's Facebook and Twitter pages.

by Carly Fadako


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