Pile in Style

Published Thursday, December 23, 2010 5:27 PM

New Year's resolutions are right around the corner. Hoping for a clean slate in 2011? After the confetti's cleaned up, it's time to tackle those piles.

Fear not, we have no intention of trying to convert you into a label-conscious filer. We know that for every individual who happily labels and files paperwork,  there is a counterpart who just as happily piles that paperwork onto a desk. Instead, we want to suggest tips and techniques to bring a little style to your pile.

Every Pile Sometimes Needs a Circular-File: Give every pile in your office an end-of-the-year review. Toss or shred what is no longer needed. If the pile represents a completed project, move the pile to an archival box for storage. 

Upgrade Those Piles: Sort piles into organizer trays, bins or stylish boxes. Use thick binder clips or reusable, write-on clips to group like documents.

Prioritize a Pile: Make a "do-today" pile and keep only documents in it that you need for the day. Find a colorful letter holder or attractive, eye-catching tray and check this pile every morning, weeding out documents not needed for the day. The tray should serve as the day's visual to-do list; don't let it fill with clutter.

Corralling Mountains: Sometimes a pile just becomes too big. When a pile threatens to slide over and engulf all that's in its way, it's time for 1) an assessment to make sure all the papers are still needed and 2) a large bin or box. 

Pilers, we want to hear from you. How to you keep your stacks manageable? What tricks do you use to keep order among your piles? Share your thoughts here by leaving us a comment!

by Carly Fadako

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