Sticking to Resolutions with the Buddy System

Published Tuesday, January 18, 2011 2:53 PM

How have your resolutions fared this month? The first few weeks back to work after the holiday break can be tough, but if you found your resolve faltering, you are not alone. Statistically, most people don't stick to their resolutions.

Want to beat the odds? If you've already fallen off the wagon, or are afraid you might do so, increase your chances of sticking to your resolutions with a buddy. 

Why a Buddy?

Think of the buddy system as positive peer pressure. When you team up with a spouse, friend or even a group of co-workers, you make your goals public and build in accountability. Hitting the snooze button in the morning is harder when you know your work-out buddy is waiting at the gym.

Get creative in working with a buddy on your resolutions. If financial organizing is a goal, schedule a monthly wine and cheese session with two to three friends and deal with paperwork, filing and bill-paying while you catch-up.  Is finding time for fitness a challenge? Enlist a friend or spouse for hikes or gym visits rather than your usual dinner/drinks get-together.

Outside the Box Buddies

Think outside the box in setting up a buddy system. Buddies don't need to be a one-on-one duo. They can even be pets. Yes, pets!

Animal lovers may want to team up with a beloved pooch on a fitness campaign. For more on this idea read A New Year's Resolution for You and Your Pooch: Get Fit with Your Dog

Family members are natural resolution buddies. Many popular resolutions such as saving money, exercising, or taking up a new hobby, are easily tackled when a family agrees to work as a team. Kids can be especially enthusiastic participants and they're buy-in will help make family budget cuts workable. Read 8 Tips for Making Family New Year's Resolutions.  

Or consider enlisting a "virtual" support group. Start a Facebook page or blog about your weight loss/decluttering/exercise goals. Posting about your progress will encourage you to stay on track, and charting your progress will give you a needed boost if your resolve flags.

Making lifestyle changes is not easy; working with a buddy or support group can provide the boost you need when your willpower falters. And who doesn't want a cheering squad when there are successes to savor!

Have you made use of the buddy-system for resolutions? How do you and your buddy inspire each other? Share your thoughts here by posting a comment!

by Bradley Eggers


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