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Published Wednesday, March 23, 2011 1:57 PM

Tired of being stuck in morning traffic? With an estimated 123 million plus commuters in the U.S., getting to and from work can be more than just a travel headache: commuting adds up to major environmental and economic costs.  Interested in decreasing your commuting carbon footprint  or in saving on personal commuting costs?  You're not alone: across the U.S. there is a growing emphasis on greener commuting. We've assembled a primer on some wallet friendly and environmentally sound commuting options.


A whopping 33 million gallons of gas could be saved each day in the U.S. if single drivers doubled or tripled up with colleagues. The American Automobile Association estimates the costs of driving a mile with a car to be 54 cents or $27.50 per day for a 50-mile round trip ride. Ka-ching! That's $6,924 a year before tolls and parking. Ready to ride share? Here are five online resources to get you started and an article on carpool etiquette to make it seamless.


Car-sharing, a twist on the more traditional carpooling, is growing in popularity. Car-sharing allows people who have only periodic need of a vehicle to take a stake in communally used cars. For commuters who regularly cycle or use mass transit to get to work, or for two-car famiies looking to downsize, a stake in a car-share co-op allows a car to be used from time to time. For more on this option, read Sustainable Commuting: Car-Share Co-op a Possibility and to locate car-shares in your area visit



In many parts of the world, bikes are common sources of transportation. From Beijing to Paris, bikes are a healthy, inexpensive and readily accessible source of transportation. For more information on commuting by cycling and bike sharing, visit, and


Mass Transit:

 If  you are lucky enough to live in a city or suburb with mass transit, you can put the car keys down with confidence, knowing that reliable transportation is at hand. Not sure if mass transit is for you? Visit this web site  to calculate the savings cost of leaving the car in the park and to identify transit options in your neighborhood. The site also has terrific tips on maximizing mass transit to reap big cost savings.

Do you have a "green" commute? How do you work cycling or carpooling into your day-to-day commute?  Share your thoughts here and on the Pendaflex Facebook page.

by Carly Fadako

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