Optimizing Facebook: What-Not-To-Do

Published Thursday, April 07, 2011 3:44 PM

Facebook recently overhauled its brand, or business, pages, adding increased functionality and an updated design. Now, more than ever brands and businesses should be staking their claim on the social media platform. In a three-part series of posts about optimizing Facebook for business, we've looked at how to get a business page up and running and steps to drive traffic and engage your user base. Today's post takes a look at what-not-not-to-do as a brand.

Don't Let This Be You

Page, Not Profile: Experts agree that a classic mistake many businesses, particularly small businesses, make is to launch a Facebook profile rather than a business page. Doing so limits the ability to attract users (profiles are capped at 5,000 friends, pages are unlimited), offers limited functionality and analytics and prevents your Facebook identity from benefiting from search engine optimization. Facebook has designed individual user profiles to offer a modicum of privacy, in contrast, brands and businesses want to be found on Facebook during online searches so should opt for a "page" identity which can be found through search.

Engage Users, Don't Spam Them: Too many businesses fail to establish a plan for consistent, compelling communication or neglect to be responsive to their users. Facebook is a social media platform, anyone on it, including businesses, should be prepared to interact regularly and be responsive to posts from users. Establishing a consistent communication schedule helps prevent a page from withering from inattention. Likewise, be sensitive to spamming your users with a barrage of marketing materials or a hard sell. Do you enjoy cocktail party interactions where people entertain you with interesting or funny stories and offer wonderful advice and unsolicited treats? Or do you prefer interactions where people spend the entire party yammering about their interests, failing to ask you questions and trying to persuade you to buy their used car? Enough said.

Boring? Argumentative? No Thanks: Facebook is a conversation and smart communicators know that boring or arguing with people generally reaps negative outcomes. Keep your Facebook page fresh with engaging, relevant content, contests and giveaways. Posting the same-old, same-old will turn users off. The more people stop interacting with your page, the lower you will sink in Facebook measurement metrics, thus your own postings will rank lower on your users feeds. And take a lesson from mega brand Nestle, which got into a postings spat with some Facebook users.  Remember, Facebook is about making friends, not enemies.

For more ideas of errors worth avoiding, read 6 Things NOT to Do On Facebook As a Brand. And to close, we leave you with more inspiration of businesses doing it right: 20 Awesome Facebook Fan Pages. 

Have you had any bumps along the road with your Facebook efforts? Have any what-not-to-do advice to share? Post your thoughts here and on the Pendaflex Facebook page.

by Candie Harris



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