Making Better Use of Longer Days

Published Thursday, April 14, 2011 3:55 PM

Halleluiah, winter is at long last giving way to spring. The days are getting longer; are you putting the extra hours to good use?

For most of us, time-management is a constant juggle. No matter how clever, no matter how industrious, one cannot actually create more time. One can only try to make more effective use of the 24/7 we are all allotted.

High Tech Help

Happily technology can help us make better use of time. We recently stumbled across a wonderful round up of time-management tools, ranging from the who-would-have-thunk-it? to the have-to-have. Check out 15 Time Management Gadgets You Never Knew Existed  or tools including a time-is-money clock that calculates the cost of the time you spend on certain activities, to a color-coded time-tracker and clock geared towards kids. The list also includes useful apps for iPads and iPhones as well as Google gadgets for use on Android operating systems.

Best Practices

Not all time-management tricks require high tech tools. In fact one standard bit of advice from the experts is to schedule a "tech free" hour of your day. This email/text/cell phone free block can be used to power through work requiring concentration and attention to detail, which are often derailed by the ping of an incoming email or the buzz of a text.

For more simple solutions for making the best use of your time, read Three Tips for Managing Your Time at Work. 

Making the Most of Minutes

Squeezing extra hours out of a jam-packed day isn't always feasible. If minutes are all you've got, you can still spend them wisely. Read 20 Productive Ways To Use Your Free Time for ideas for optimizing time blocks as short as five minutes including quick bursts of sit-ups or networking emails.

The Art of Me Time

Finally, remember that effective time-management is not just about creating extra hours to fill with to-do lists and work, but rather carving out time for family and friends, relaxation and self-expression. Read 10 Ways to Take Time Out for Yourself  for tips on adding "me time" to your longer days.

How do you make effective use of spring's longer days? Do you have any tips for maximizing me time? Share your thoughts here and on the Pendaflex Facebook page.

by Candie Harris


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