Renew Your Commitment to Your Career

Published Thursday, May 12, 2011 2:46 PM

Flower buds and slender green leaves are popping up all over signaling spring's arrival. Take a cue from this season of renewal to take stock of your career. Too often, we're so busy punching the time clock, meeting deadlines and moving from project to project that there's no time to stop and evaluate where our career is heading. Do yourself a favor and put the spring-cleaning projects on hold for a weekend and instead take some time to assess your career and its trajectory.

Not sure of how to begin?  We've assembled some useful reading material to get you started.

Own It

We like the advice in A To-Do List for the CEO of Your Career. The article encourages people to understand that their skills and career are not static, but rather must be constantly reinvented.  Adding new skills and embracing new opportunities is not only smart, it's essential in order to remain marketable. In a nutshell, say good-bye to the notion of climbing a corporate ladder, rung after rung, and hello to the idea of a career lattice, composed of different paths and branches.


Be Prepared

Even if a job hunt isn't on your to-do list, advancing a career can look a lot like job hunting. For terrific tips on steps that all employees should take for advancement even when you're happy to say put, read Top 10 Career Moves Even the Happily Employed Should Make.  Advice includes networking ideas, building your online brand as well as resume updating.


Get Networked

Nurturing your career isn't just about adding new skills; it's about nourishing your network. Commit time and energy into building your network - both vertically and laterally. Vertical networking might be about finding a mentor and as well as extending yourself to mentees. And don't neglect lateral networking across your peer group. For more ideas on networking as a savvy career move, read Test the Strength of Your Network. 

How do you nurture you career? How often do you evaluate your career? Share your thoughts here and on the Pendaflex Facebook page.

by Candie Harris


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