When Your Boss Bugs You

Published Thursday, June 02, 2011 1:09 PM

TV classic The Office is gearing up for a season finale where the Dunder Mifflen gang meets prospective boss candidates. Star-studded possibilities include Ray Romano, Jim Carrey and even Ricky Gervais.  Only on TV is a kooky, crazy, annoying boss cause for laughter.

Are you starring in your own personal dramedy with your boss? We've posted here and here about dealing with bad bosses. But what of the merely annoying boss? The boss whose antics don't add up to HR complaints but get on your nerves nonetheless?

Bosses are people first and whenever two personalities need to interact day-in and day-out, there's bound to be the occasional friction. And if you and your boss have dissimilar temperaments, work styles, or even different senses of humor, tensions can be exacerbated.

Looking to defuse tension? Hoping to become impervious to your boss's irritating habits?  Check out the advice in 5 Ways Your Boss Bugs You and How to Respond: tips include changing the subject when your boss attempts to over share personal stories. We also like the advice in  7 Ways to Deal with Annoying People and Still Get Things Done. 

Finally, we leave you with a must read: 3 Annoying Habits of Successful People. You may see your boss in this piece, but then again you may see yourself. Read on to see what traits can really irk colleagues.

Have you ever worked for an irritating boss? How do you shrug off co-workers annoying habits? Share your thoughts here and at the Pendaflex Facebook page.




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