Top 10 Ways to Preserve Summer Memories

Published Tuesday, August 23, 2011 12:53 PM


Ah, summer. Surf, sand, sun, fun. Maybe the highlight was a long-planned family reunion or an impulsive romantic getaway for two. Preserve the memories of the lazy, hazy days of summer with these top ten tips.

1.           Print, Not Pixels: Nothing evokes a memory like a wonderful photo. Don't let yours languish in digital format. Print the best in photo books and for display in frames.

2.           See, Shell: Some memories are tangible: a sea shell, a postcard. Turn treasured mementos into displays in your home. Group shells in a clear vase or mount along a frame's edge. Create a postcard collage or use the images to decoupage a tray.

3.           The Written Word: Diaries aren't just for tweens. If you aren't in the habit of journal keeping, consider starting now. Jot down your favorite moments of the summer. Even a few lines can capture a treasured memory for review down the road.

4.           Picture Book: Capture camp memories for your children with a picture photo book of the summer. Be sure to scan in any artwork, certificates or awards won during the camp.

5.           Repurpose: Did you pick up a treasured souvenir from a trip or summer event? Trinkets from your travels, or even a medal won by a child at camp, can make lovely additions to a Christmas tree or holiday display.

6.           Recipes: For many, summer is a season for grilling and culinary creativity. Capture those culinary highlights in a recipe book to share with friends and family.

7.           Garden Glories: Nothing says summer like fresh picked goodies from the garden. Don't let fall end the fun; preserve fruits and vegetables to enjoy year round. Too Martha Stewart for you? No worries, even novices can easily turn unruly basil plants into batches of pesto to grace the table through the year.

8.           Sports Fan: Loving your newly improved backhand or golf swing? Weekend warriors don't need to let their sporty summer successes fade into memory. Honor the blood, sweat and tears you put into your improved game by playing year round indoors or by booking a warm-weather getaway to strut your stuff.

9.           Summer Soundtrack: Happy summer events often unfold to the beat of a certain soundtrack. Capture the summer's effervescent fun with a soundtrack that takes you back. Download all your favorite hits of 2011 onto your iPod and blast it during winter's doldrums.

10.        Ah, Summer 2012: Did you fulfill your summer wish list for 2011? Hit every vacation spot? See every friend? Finish that reading list? Perfect that new tennis serve?  Draw up a list of what you didn't get to, Memorial Day will be here before you know it.


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