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Published Monday, October 15, 2012 3:26 PM

Everyone wants to be more productive. When you move through your work quickly and easily, you experience less stress and greater efficiency. (Heck, you might even be able to end your work day a little early!) To manage your work optimally, create a simple system for handling your active, day-to-day files.

Create just such a go-to system with the Pendaflex® Poly Desktop File Box. Designed to hold letter-sized files, the Pendaflex Desk Top File Box combines a sturdy design and streamlined footprint that easily captures crucial files while preserving valuable desktop real estate. When active papers are well-organized and close at hand, you eliminate frustrating searches and wasted time.

Active files are documents frequently in use such as:

  • Action items requiring immediate or regular decisions
  • Project items related to current tasks
  • Reading items intended for immediate consumption

Tips for Success


Ensure that your desktop box only houses current files by syncing your filing categories with those in your larger filing cabinet: when your desk file is no longer needed on a daily basis, you can easily archive it in your main cabinet.


Maintain order by making it easy to add new files to your system. Keep labels and files on hand so you can quickly add a new file rather than starting a new pile.


Also, the Pendaflex Desk Top File Box offers terrific storage flexibility; the collapsible file boxes are easily stored flat until needed. Just pop one open when you need more storage, collapse and store when you need fewer files.


Happy filing!



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