Note to Self: Time for a Writing Pad That Offers Better Organization and Customization

Published Saturday, October 20, 2012 1:36 AM
Note-Sorting. Evolved.

Ampad® SimpleSort™

The classic writing pad gets a makeover thanks to our new Ampad® SimpleSort™ Crossover Writing Pad, with open-and-close binder clips and repositionable papers that lets users reorganize notes easily.

Why reinvent the writing pad?

We've heard your message: paper pads still rule for note-taking but managing and finding notes in a paper pad can be challenging. You want the ability to reorder and reorganize your notes, again and again. Now, each new pad makes finding and organizing notes easier than ever.

  • Three dividers make sorting notes simple.
  • Add and subtract papers as needed.
  • One pad can manage multiple projects.

The Ampad SimpleSort™ Crossover Writing Pad provides exceptional, personalized organization without sacrificing portability and ease. Finally, a pad that lets you reorder your papers (and your thoughts!) with ease.  Note-taking has evolved.

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