Finally, A Notebook For the Modern Multitasker

Published Wednesday, October 24, 2012 1:46 AM

You multitask like nobody's business, juggling work, home and family demands all week long. You've perfected the art of the juggle and you need organizational tools, both at home and in the office, that multitask just like you do. Meet the Ampad® Versa™ Crossover Notebook,  which offers a crossover design that takes the best of a notebook, binder and dividers and puts it all in one.

Just how versatile is the Versa?

  • Write in it like a notebook; move pages around like a binder.
  • Built-in dividers provide easy sorting and categorizing.
  • Dual poly dividers separate and capture loose papers.
  • Mark key notes with 105 stick-on flags for labeling and highlighting.
  • Track to-dos with a lined stick-on task pad.

We've heard your message: paper pads still rule for note-taking but managing and finding notes in a paper pad can be challenging. Now, the Versa lets you reorder and reorganize your notes, again and again. The built-in dividers let you manage multiple projects or subdivide one large project into smaller sections. And the highlighting flags make finding and organizing notes easier than ever.

One notebook: countless possibilities, the Versa™does it all.  You can buy the Versa™ Crossover Notebook on our facebook page. 



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