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Published Monday, January 07, 2013 11:12 PM

Did you notice how your office looked more festive and welcoming around the holidays? The seasonal décor, baskets of treats and smiling faces gave your workplace an extra glow.

Carry that good feeling througout 2013 with this round up of advice for jazzing up even the dullest workspace.

10 Design Tips for Tiny Offices:  A welcoming environment doesn't need to be costly, as the tips from these ten small startups prove. Snacks and smiles go a long way to warming up any atmosphere. Other ideas include punchy paint colors and pets. Yes, Fido is a welcome guest in some offices; they see the paws-itive benefits of interacting with furry friends! 

9 Pieces of Furniture That Make the Work Day More Fun:  Put a smile on even the grumpiest face with fun furniture. From a swing set that doubles as a conference table, to a green rug designed to mimic picnic grounds, to a ping pong conference table, these designs will put some play in your day.

5 Rules for Office Feng Shui:  A calm, clutter free workplace gives out a welcoming vibe. This beginner primer for organizing your work environment promotes energy and atmosphere.

Finally, we leave you with a mind-blowing design project from a German company that used over 55,000 Lego bricks to create a divider wall  in their office kitchen. This year-long project may not be in the cards for every workplace but it shows that when creativity meets teamwork, magic can happen!



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