Projects for the Über-Organizer

Published Monday, January 14, 2013 11:19 PM

Alphabetized spice rack? Check. Clothing sorted and stored by color? Check. Drawers and medicine cabinets purged of odds and ends? Check and double-check! Face it: You are an über-organizer.

In search of uncharted terrain to organize? Check out this round-up of projects that only an org junkie could love.

Photo Journal: Document 2013 from start to finish with a 365-day photo project. Perfect for new parents or anyone with a passion for detail: take one photo each day of your child, your garden, your yard, or whatever inspires you and share the results on a blog or in a photo book. For inspiration, read Are You Doing a 365 Photo Project? 

Car Star: Do you collect toy cars? Or other small memorabilia? Make a statement by massing your items together for an eye-popping storage meets art display.

Kitchen Aid: Get chart smart with this kitchen cabinet organizer  that doubles as a measuring conversion chart. Now you're cookin'!

Glass Houses: Seeing is not only believing, it's organizing. When you can easily eyeball where things belong, odds are good that items will end up in the right spot. So embrace the glass jar, perfect for decanting cooking supplies and for corralling craft materials. People who live in glass houses...are organized!

Shoe Store: Sure your closet is color-coded but are your shoes stored and organized by photo?  Yeah, now we're talking über-organized! Shoe addicts, meet your dream closet



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