App-itizing Tools to Help with Your Weight Loss Resolution

Published Thursday, January 31, 2013 3:27 AM

Dear Dieting Resolution: 


It was fun while it lasted. 


Sincerely, the End of January


Ah, dieting; you always start strong but somewhere near the end of the month, your resolve starts to fail you. This year, stay strong with a host of electronic tools that will keep your weight loss resolution on track.

Women's Health Magazine: Best Apps for Weight Loss:  This useful article features three weight loss apps and makes the case that their real time feedback helps you make smart food choices. Plus, when you track what you eat, it's difficult to lie to yourself or overlook indulgences.  The proof is in the pudding!


Shape Magazine: The Best Free Apps to Help You Lose Weight:  Weight loss is not just about diet, exercise is a must as well. Shape Magazine rounds up 10 must-have exercise and diet apps that will have you fit as a fiddle (and with a smaller middle!) in no time flat.


Finally, what good are all these weight loss apps if your diet is easily derailed by the office pastry platter? For healthy office snacks, that keep your engine humming and your diet on track, read our past post Healthy Office Eats. Yup, It's Possible.



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