Organizing Fido

Published Tuesday, February 26, 2013 7:28 PM

Pet lovers, you know there is nothing better in the world then a furry friend. But keeping track of all the kibble and bits, leashes, and assorted pet paperwork (vaccination schedules anyone?) isn't always a walk in the park. Keep a tight leash on pet needs with our round up of tips.

Pet Products: Nothing beats pegboard for organizing odds and ends. Create a dedicated board for your pet supplies inside a coat closet door or on a wall in your mudroom and never misplace a leash or pet brush again. Add a hanging organizer with clear front pockets to capture supplies such as vitamins, shampoos and chew toys.

Pet Station: Consider creating a designated pet station for your four-legged friends that houses both food and water bowls. Pinterest has a number of smart ideas for organizing the pets in your life. Turns out furry friends and high-style interior design can mix rather well. Click here to get inspired.

Pet Purging: Do you really need that ratty chew toy or shredded scratching post? Just as you purge your home of unwanted and unused people items, pet gear requires purging too. Did Fido get a new chew toy? Commit to tossing its beat up counterpart. Is your puppy crate no longer needed? Find it a new home with a neighbor or by checking with your local Humane Society.  Many chapters accept unneeded pet gear and extra food when finicky pets (we're talking about you Meowsers!) reject a new brand.

Pet Paperwork: Four-legged friends generate almost as much paperwork as their human counterparts. Stay on top of important vaccination schedules and health records with regular filing. Store pet health records with your family's health files so all critical health records are in the same spot. Also, keep a file handy for coupons for pet food, kitty litter and shampoos. Ditto information on groomers and pet boarding. Want a paperless pet? Enlist your smartphone or tablet to help track kitty's appointments and dietary needs with apps like MyPetsPro  and PetVetRecords. 

Pet Sitters: If a dog-walker or regular weekend pet sitter is part of your life, use a pet crib sheet that provides a seamless information exchange. You can use this free, downloadable sheet from Microsoft  or the stylish sheets from Etsy designers herehere and here.

Finally, if your furry (and feathery) friends are as quick to shed as they are to snuggle, a vacuum cleaner is a necessity. Opt for one built to tackle animal fur like the models listed in 5 Best Vacuums for Pet Hair. 



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