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What the Pros Know: 5 Organizing Tips to Transform Your Space
Monday, April 29, 2013 9:46 PM

Think a bright, airy, organized space is solely the province of glossy shelter mags or movie sets? Think again. A streamlined, clutter-free space can be yours with five simple steps from the organizing pros.

Less is More: Nothing gives a space more bang for the buck than a thorough purge. Clutter creates stress and detracts from a space's aesthetic, so commit to a ruthless edit of your belongings and watch your free space grow. Be honest; do you really need three spatulas and two whisks? Ditto all those unused toys, neglected books and out-of-style clothes? Edit, edit, edit; asking yourself three questions: Do I use it? Do I need it? Do I love it? Anything that gets a "no" gets tossed, donated or sold. Consider asking a trusted friend to help with the review to keep you honest. Click here for a before and after shot to get you motivated.

Clever Storage: Keep your space feeling open and airy by using clever storage to conceal clutter. Enlist multitasking furniture such as trunks to serve as a coffee or side table, while holding bedding or board games. You can also shop for ottomans or other upholstered pieces such as benches and even sofas and chairs, which have hinged seats to conceal needed storage. Or use a skirted table either bedside or beside a sofa to conceal a basket with remotes, books, and other small items. This link shows some wonderful storage options.

Shelf Life: Adopt the mantra "a place for everything, and everything in its place" by adding enough shelving to your home to neatly corral your belongings. While custom shelving is a fantastic option for maximizing your particular space, even inexpensive units from Ikea can do the trick. Simply measure your space, and buy as many units as will fit. Use attractive baskets or bins to hide away smaller items and to present a cohesive design. See here  and here  for ideas.

Skirted Tables: Don't underestimate the organizing power of a skirted table. Even if your aesthetic favors, streamlined modern pieces, a simple, skirted table can provide a wealth of organizing options. Here  a skirted consoles table holds decorative accessories while concealing a full bar. And this clever homeowner  had a seamstress create a skirt for her Ikea Expedit bookshelf, providing concealed storage for her TV console.

Careful Color Choices: Create a bright, airy feel by organizing your home and décor with careful color choices. By sticking to a cohesive palette, you can make your space seem bigger and brighter. Tone on tone color allows furniture to recede into walls, creating the illusion of more space. Click here  for examples. This doesn't mean you need to avoid color, just use it judiciously: see how these homeowners use bright pops of color for organizing here  and here. 



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What’s Next? A Trio of Tech Trends to Love
Monday, April 29, 2013 9:42 PM

Now that the iPad mini is old news, tech-savvy trend spotters are in search of the next great thing to organize, entertain and generally make life easier. Tech-out this trio of trends that will have you on the cutting edge of what's next.

High-Tech Bathrooms: One of the last frontiers for technology in the home, the bathroom, is becoming increasingly high-tech. Bathrooms, once considered merely functional spaces, are increasingly designed to offer homeowners spa-like amenities. Now, high-tech products such as wireless scales and waterproof electronics, lets users customize their bathroom experiences like never before.  Sync your scale with your Fitbit app  to monitor your weight and fitness routines. Wave your hands near your smart faucet; sensors turn the water on for you. Hey, even singing in the shower goes state-of-the-art with the electronics featured in Tech-Out Your Bathroom. 

Beauty Apps: Makeup counters are so old school. Modern beauties turn to apps to put their best face forward. Need help picking a lipstick or a foundation color? Try MatchMaker by True Match http://bit.ly/JZC1un or Make Up Forever Pocket Studio. Can't get a dermatologist appointment to deal with that zit? Check out PerSKINality  for tips on getting blemish free by the weekend. We also like OPI Nail Art Studio and How to Do Your Own Cute Nails for tips on getting salon-worthy manis at home.

LED Your Life: Okay, LED lights aren't exactly new (they've been around since the 1960s) but they are booming in popularity like never before. Witness Katy Perry's multihued, LED light dress  worn to the recent Met Costume Ball; the sparkling dress took 3,000 LED bulbs to create. For other eye-catching, light-up fashion, check out We're Obsessed: 10 Glowing Geek Chic Gowns.  LED isn't just for celebrities, a slew of bright products in equally cheerful price points put LED décor within everyone's reach. Check out these colorful coasters and LED ice-cubes  to put some bright in your bevy. Or unleash your inner DIY-diva with the ingenious projects in Light It Up! 15 Awesome LED Projects. 



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