Ten Wacky, Weird & Wonderful Time-Saving Tips

Published Tuesday, May 21, 2013 9:42 PM

Time-crunched clock-watchers know every minute counts. When it comes to saving time, no tip is too wacky or weird.

1.   Sock Sense: Tired of sorting socks for your family? Missing sock syndrome wastes valuable time. Say good-bye to missing socks (and wasted time) by safety-pinning socks together before they get tossed into the wash.

2.   Meal Makeover: Dinner food preps can be time-consuming.  Skip dinner in favor of a major midday meal and use your evening hours to nibble fruit, cheese and crackers while spending time on leisure pursuits or exercise. While you're at it, skip cooking for your next soiree. Go potluck or even prepared; no one will care if your side dish is from the deli counter as long as it tastes good. So long, from scratch!

3.   Beauty Station: Put an end to the morning, "where's the sunblock/hairbrush/lipstick," scramble by housing all your beauty needs in a basket. Keep it by the front door mirror for last minute primping on your way out the door.

4.   Water Works: Cut your plant watering time by as much as half by adding Osmocote, a slow-release fertilizer, which feeds plants with each watering, and Soil Moist,  a water-retaining polymer. Also, top your pots with hardwood much; it holds moisture in and creates a finished look.

5.   Desk Job: No time to work out during your busy workday? Get a treadmill desk that lets you log laps while working on your computer. Yep, it's possible to clock exercise hours while working.

6.   Liquid Diet: Put your shower on a liquid diet, using liquid soap (or glycerin bar soap) to cut hard-to-clean soap scum. The binders in traditional bar soaps cause soap scum which often leads to clogged drains.

7.   Less Mess: Fight microwave mess by lining the bottom of your microwave with 10 or so paper towels to protect the turntable. Cleaning up is as simple as taking the top paper towel off after each use.

8.   Fake It: Skip buying and watering houseplants and cut flowers by purchasing silk plants. A vase full of silk stems blooms all year round and best of all, only needs a periodic vacuum from time to time.

9.   Long Lashes: Tired of the morning mascara routine? Wish you could skip the even more time-consuming nightly cleaning?  Dye your lashes for lasting color, no clean up required!

10.  Commercial Free: Skip watching TV live, by taping your shows, you can fast-forward through commercials and shave your viewing time.




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