Network Smarter: Four Tips for Making the Most of Your Connections

Published Wednesday, May 22, 2013 9:44 PM

When life gets busy, networking is one of the first things to go. Make the most of your time by networking smarter; these four simple steps deliver results without eating up big chunks of time.

1.           Think, Then Dial: Before you pick up the phone for a networking call, develop a clear objective for your conversation. Be ready to let your network know your specific ask. Do you want to brainstorm? Or get an introduction? Do you have a company in mind where you'd like to work? Or are you looking for a chance to join a board or speak on a panel? The better the road map you present, the easier it is for someone to help.

2.           Listen Actively: Smart listeners walk away with a wealth of tips from every conversation. Ask your colleague what they've been doing; what companies they think are hot.  Actively engaging, and really listening to your network, should provide plenty of valuable information to shape your job hunt or networking. 

3.           Go Pro: Amp up your networking by soliciting introductions to headhunters and recruiting agencies. If a friend or colleague recently changed jobs, ask them if they worked with a headhunter or career coach. Once you have a roster of headhunters on your speed-dial, reach out to them every six months, even if you aren't job-hunting. They might very well be looking for a candidate for your dream job.

4.           Running List: Keep a running list of 5 to 10 target companies where you'd like to work. Whenever you have a networking call or lunch, see if your contact knows anyone at these dream companies. If they don't, do they know anyone who knows someone? Keep looking for a way into your dream gig, eventually you'll find it.




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