5 Things You Ought to be Doing

Published Tuesday, January 15, 2013 11:25 PM

January's "fresh start" may be getting stale. Continue to make the most of 2013 by focusing on five simple steps to reinvigorate your daily routine. 

Get Going

Self-help books top the bestseller lists year in and year out: people love advice on overhauling certain aspects of their lives. Yet, too many of us dive into a book yet fail to affect real change. This year, start with manageable change by practicing five simple steps every day. When your to-do list is miles long, some items never get crossed off. Five items? Well, that's doable.

Get Up Earlier

 Not enough hours in the day to achieve your goals? Get up earlier each day. Even an extra 15 minutes can make a huge difference. Use the time to stretch or do simple exercises, to move quickly through a stack of bills or to write in a journal each morning. As you slowly start to achieve results, you may be motivated to add even more time to your morning routine. Carving out sacred space each day to work on yourself is reenergizing; you will notice all areas of your life benefit.

Get Fit

Your mother was right. Exercise is good for the body and mind, so work some booty-moving mojo into your daily routine. No time for the gym? Reinvigorate your fitness routine in as little as 15 minutes. Women's Health Magazine has a series of 15-minute workouts that you can mix up weekly, to target different areas of the body. You can even work fitness into your work routine with five simple exercises to do at your desk.  Yep, you read that right. Push-ups, leg lifts, simple stretches, even simulated jump roping are all possible, right in your very own office. What are you waiting for? Time to try those desk chair lifts.

 Get Financial

Tired of mounting debt and miniscule savings? Smart finances need to be a daily choice. Commit each day to trimming your overhead and socking away the savings. Cost-cutting ideas include buying generic goods and comparison shopping for insurance plans. Other money saving ideas can be found in 5 Simple Ways to Cut Your Spending and Still Enjoy Your Life!  Tips include canceling unused subscriptions and limiting window shopping (and its online equivalent, window surfing) to prevent impulse buys.

Get Happy

Finally, focus on small moments of happiness each and every day. When you spend time connecting with family or friends, when you share a smile or a laugh with a colleague or client, when you do a good deed for a stranger or a close friend, you reap contentment and tremendous personal satisfaction.

Happy 2013!



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