Baskets & Bins: Your Keys to the Organized Life

Published Tuesday, January 28, 2014 11:09 PM

Do you know what organized people have in common? Baskets and bins, that's what. Yup, it's as simple as that. Now you too can make baskets and bins your keys to the organized life in four easy steps.

Multitasking Wonders

Just as you can never have too many shoes, you can never have too many baskets, bins and boxes. Perfect for rounding up loose ends and hiding clutter, these organizational wunderkinds can be used vertically-think stacking hatboxes, or horizontally-as bins that fill a bookshelf.

1) Shelf Life: Adopt the mantra "a place for everything, and everything in its place" by adding enough shelving to your home to neatly corral your baskets and bins. While custom shelving is a fantastic option for maximizing space, there is no need to spend major money, even inexpensive shelving such as Ikea's Expedit units can do the trick. Simply measure your space, and buy as many units as will fit. Make organizing easy on the eyes by using attractive baskets or bins that provide a cohesive design and amp up your style quotient. See here and here for ideas.

2) Group Like Items: End the needle-in-a-haystack phenomenon that overwhelms too many homes by grouping like items together in small baskets or bins. Keeping related items together lets you easily locate what you need, when you need it. For example, tame bathroom chaos by grouping kids' medicines together, Band-Aids bandages and disinfectants in another bin, all nail products in yet another. Ditto your home office. Writing supplies in one bin, printer supplies in another. You get the idea.

3) Think Outside the "Box": Get creative - baskets can replace and improve almost any storage option. Tired of the jam-packed dresser drawers? Line closet shelves with transparent bins to house socks, rolled up tees, accessories, etc. Replace bulky filing cabinets with a series of filing boxes. Free up hall closet space by using pretty galvanized or rubber tubs to house boots, footwear, umbrellas and the like.

4) Keep a Clutter Buster: Designate a "drop box" to capture odds and ends and keep clutter at bay. Once a week, commit to emptying this basket and returning items to their proper home. Also, keep a large basket or bin empty and handy for corralling clutter when unexpected company arrives.

Remember, a basket a day keeps the clutter away!




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