Easy Career Moves Everyone Should Take in 2014

Published Saturday, February 01, 2014 11:12 PM

Don't let the date on the calendar fool you. Resolutions are not just for January. When it comes to job-hunting, for a new gig or just a better role in your current one, smart career moves are made all year long.

Update Your Look: Do a Google search and assess your social media profile. Being on LinkedIn is not enough. Are you being active? Look to engage your network and expand your contacts continually. Join industry groups and share relevant links. Spend some time on the LinkedIn Help Center for webinars and case studies offering tips on optimizing your profile and networking. While you're at it, take a good long look at your headshot, which brings us to Tip # 2.

Enough with the Outdated Headshot: Make 2014 the year you invest in (or retake) a professional headshot. Too many LinkedIn or Facebook profiles have casual photos. Signal your professionalism with a pro headshot. If your current photo is a few year old, its time for an update. Fashions and hairstyles change: don't make the mistake of letting an outdated photo give the impression your skills are similarly rusty.

Add Some Skills: Even if you love your job and want to stay put, investing in your skill set is a no-brainer. Bolster your credentials with new tech skills or with public speaking training. Get published! The proliferation of industry and niche publications as well as blogs means content is always sought after. Once your published, toot your horn and share the work on your social media outlets.

Network with Recruiters: Don't wait for the phone to ring. Start to network with recruiters in your industry well before you want to move. Identify recruiters online or by networking with trusted colleagues. Then call to introduce yourself, forward along your resume, and let them know you are open-minded about opportunities.

Lunch Bunch: Make the most of your lunchtime by networking, in person or by phone, at least twice a week during lunch hours. Schedule it on your calendar, just as you would any other commitment and stick to it. Make your networking a two-way street; you can offer to mentor younger colleagues during this time slot as well.




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