From Superwoman to Balanced Woman

Published Monday, September 27, 2010 7:09 PM

Between careers, kids and carpooling, too many women spend their days in a heroic juggle. This fall, retire your Superwoman act and instead aim for Balanced Woman: a woman enjoying a better work-life equilibrium.

Balanced Woman is someone who does a reality check. Work matters, as do children, family and a healthy, active lifestyle. No one facet of life can be overlooked but not all spheres can be tended equally. Or in other words, you can have it all; you just can't have it all at the same time. To work on establishing a healthy work-life balance, try five simple steps.

1. Take the Big Picture

If you could only do one thing with your time what would it be? Once you've answered, ask yourself again, and again, until you have a list of five key things. Make your time about these five main priorities.

2. Drop Unnecessary Activities

Make a list of all the day-to-day activities you spend your time on. Anything that doesn't make the top five, weed out of your life. Tend a small garden, not a tangled jungle.

3. Protect Private Time

Don't let work or trivial commitments keep you from spending time with your spouse, children or closest confidants. More hours at work doesn't equal more productive work. Practice effective time-management at work to carve out more time at home.

4. Say Yes to Help

Mother-in-law offers to babysit? Friend willing to carpool? Co-worker willing to pitch in? Say yes to offers of help; you don't get extra credit for toughing through tasks alone.

5. Schedule Fun and Relaxation

Scheduled relaxation may sound like an oxymoron but a balanced life requires that time be set aside for rest and rejuvenation. Put a nap on your calendar or a game of tennis. Make meditation or running a priority activity; the benefits, both mentally and physically, will be felt at work and at home.

Balanced Woman not only prioritizes her time; she has perspective about how it's spent. Some days work fires need to be put out, other days the home fires need tending. And above all Balanced Woman is kind to herself.

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