Organizing for Wellness

Published Wednesday, October 24, 2012 10:21 PM

When it comes to your health, some things are beyond your control: genes, governmental health policies, cravings for chocolate. Okay, the siren song of chocolate is actually something you do need to manage, but other much easier steps can guard your health and well-being.

Manage Medical Records

Stay on top of your important medical records with one of our favorite organizational tools: the 3-ring binder. Having your files handy allows you to easily share both your complete medical history and daily medications with various doctors. Set your binder up to do more than just corral test results; use dividers to sort paperwork for insurance reimbursement, calendars for future appointments, and notes on recommended health products and medicines, etc. For more ideas on organizing a medical binder, we like the advice in Stop Lying to Your Doctor by Organizing Your Medical Records.  

Schedule Time for Fitness

Fitness is a crucial component of health. An active body is a healthy body and daily exercise also helps decrease stress and sharpens mental faculties. But too often exercise falls by the wayside in our busy, hectic lives. Organize your schedule to include fitness in your life, by practicing effective-time management,  and by saying no to commitments that overload your schedule.  With careful scheduling, you can find the extra 30 to 60 minutes a day to devote to fitness. Also, consider partnering with a friend or family member, when you work out with a buddy, you are more likely to stick to a fitness routine. For more advice on finding free time in your schedule, read our past posts, Work-Free Weekends and Organizing for the Weekend. 

Healthy Eating

We all understand the link between a healthy diet and our well-being, but good food choices are often derailed by lack of planning. When the cupboard is bare, or when you've waited too long to eat, we tend to grab the first thing we see, even if it's a poor choice. To stave off trips to the vending machine while at work, read our past post Healthy Office Eating Made Easy.  At home, stock your kitchen with healthy choices with the advice in Organizing Your Kitchen for Wellness. Families with older kids might want to enlist your teens in the family meal-planning routine; having an extra set of hands helps make the work lighter and lays the foundation for a lifetime of healthy choices.

Finally, remember that health is wealth: take pains to plan out the steps to guard this most valuable asset.



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