Organizing Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Published Thursday, December 06, 2012 9:02 PM

'Tis the season to come up with creative gifts for your near and dear ones. Stuck for ideas? Give the gift of organization: one size fits all.

Love Me a Label Maker: Long-hand is so old school. Add a state-of-the-art label maker to someone's organizing arsenal and they'll thank you all year long. Label everything from files to shelves to boxes and bins. A label maker brings crisp, streamlined order everywhere it goes.

Nifty Notebooks: Even in our digital world, paper still rules for note taking. Choose a classic pad with a retro vibe or one of Pendaflex's innovative new notebooks optimized for easy note-taking and simple sorting.

Brilliant Bulletin Boards: Give an organizing kapow! with a bulletin board that can act as a home's organizing hub. Choose from chalkboards, magnetic boards, and classic bulletin boards and have fun accessorizing with quirky magnets or push pins. Best of all, the square and rectangular shapes make boards simple to wrap.

Funky Post-it Notes: Perfect for jotting down notes and reminders, the post-it enjoys iconic organizing status. Make a statement by gifting fun and funny post-its in bulk. Nothing says "I've got you covered" like a case of post-it pads.

Fabulous Files: Banish boring files with saturated color or pretty patterns and dress up the desk of your loved one. Files are the building blocks of organization but they don't need to be blah.

Capture Car Clutter: Cars collect clutter the way dryers collect lint. Capture road maps, jumper cables, flares and assorted travel miscellanea in handy car organizing bins. Many specially designed car organizers come with Velcro straps, so the only thing traveling in your car is you.

Baskets, Bins and Boxes: You can never have too many shoes...or too many baskets, bins and boxes. Perfect for rounding up loose ends and hiding clutter, these organizational wunderkinds can be used vertically-think stacking hat boxes, or horizontally-as bins that fill a bookshelf.

Kitchen Organizers: Solve the mystery of the disappearing Tupperware lids and present the cook in your life with a pristine set of containers to start 2013 off right (and air tight!). When you whip a loved one's kitchen into shape, they just may offer to whip you up a tasty treat!

Go Pro: Offer major league organization with a gift certificate for a professional organizer. Pros can simply and easily, streamline and organize your home, and provide clutter coaching that can help you keep it that way. 



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