Power Up for Productivity with Leitz & Ampad Mobile Business Tools

Published Wednesday, February 12, 2014 11:43 PM

Workers from Wall Street to Main Street are increasingly taking to the streets. Work is more and more a mobile enterprise, with business being conducted from airports and Starbucks alike. 

Now, on the go workers can get "street smart" by choosing the right mobile business tools that let them work anywhere and everywhere.

Leitz Mobile: On the go workers know today's mobile devices are power hungry. Leitz Mobile offers award-winning charging accessories for smartphone, tablet and laptop that keep devices working. Pair these chargers with our durable, portable device covers for protection and privacy.

  • Leitz Mobile Multi-Charging Station for USB Devices: Charges up to 4 devices.
  • Leitz Mobile 3-in-1 Portable Battery and Charge for iPhone 4/4S: Compact charging from battery, wall and computer.
  • Leitz Mobile Rotating Desk Stand for Mobile Devices: Swivel stand for 360° viewing, plus privacy cover.
  • Leitz Mobile Case and Cover with Stand for iPad: Kickstand cover offers 2-angle views and scratch-resistant privacy screen.

Ampad Shot Note: Access your handwritten notes anytime, anywhere from your phone, iPad or computer with the Ampad Shot Note app and line of pads. Shot Note lets you digitize, save and search handwritten notes, memos, lists and sketches quickly and easily.

  • Ampad Shot Note App: Download the free app at the iTunes store to digitize handwritten notes on Shot Note pads.
  • Ampad Shot Note Writing Pads: Wide ruled and dot graph pads in two sizes.
  • Ampad Shot Note Easel: Capture meeting notes with bleed-free paper; self-adhesive holds in place and repositions easily.
  • Ampad Shot Note Notebook: Spiral, chipboard cover for sturdy, on the go notes, journaling, and record keeping.
  • Ampad Shot Note Sketch Pad: Premium, micro-perforated paper with sturdy chipboard backing for hand-held sketching.

You can now promote these AmpadTM and Leitz® products to your customers with a redemption offer for a $10.00 Starbucks Card with a qualifying purchase. See claim form for details.



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