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Back-To-School Sucess Starts With Getting Organized

Melville, NY, September 15, 2003
The Locker Lowdown: A locker is more than a place to hang out with friends and    gossip; it is a place to stop between classes to organize your thoughts and your schoolwork. Arrange your locker in a logical fashion. Try keeping your notebooks with the corresponding books, folders and other collateral materials, suggests Mann. If you tend to accumulate trash in your storage space, keep a mini garbage can or small plastic bag in your locker to help keep this area clean and organized.


To Study Or Not To Study: Where you study is equally as important as how you study. Studying at a friend's house, with the TV on, or the radio playing with low lighting does not do too much for retention. Find a well-lit, quiet area in which to conduct your studies. You will find that if you work in a conducive area, the task will be much easier, and the you will retain the material, Mann notes.
Organize Your Time: We all fall victim to procrastination at some point, especially when it comes to the new school year. To combat the urge to be a couch potato, Mann recommends managing your time wisely with the help of a schedule.  Get a daily planner, nothing makes it easier than to be able to write down every and any thing you need to accomplish day to day. Block out a certain amount of your free time for schoolwork. As you get daily assignments, split your designated school time accordingly, she says. This tactic will put you on a regular schedule, which will effectively cut back on time spent dawdling.


Form a Study Group: At the beginning of the school year, set up a study group with other students in your class. When it comes to projects and tests, some might have strengths where others have weaknesses, so work together will benefit the entire group. By forming a group early in the year, you can create a working relationship with your peers. Often, someone may have picked up on an important piece of information that you missed. If you work with others, the whole group will be able to see the entire picture of what your teacher wants you to know, says Mann.
Get Ahead Before You Get Behind: Before the school year begins and the workload gets too heavy, get to know your teachers to understand their teaching techniques and assignments. If you can, read some of the books over the summer that you will be required to read during the year to get a head start. This will lighten up your workload, and make your school year less stressful. When it comes time to read those books in class, refresh your memory by reading a study guide. This tactic helps you to not only avoid some stress during the school year, but it helps you to retain the knowledge. If you read the books without having to worry about how many other assignments you have to do, then you will be able to focus on the materials at hand, advises Mann.


 Be ready to go: Make sure you get plenty of sleep so you can think clearly in class. A healthy breakfast (any breakfast at that) is important also by getting your body awake and working.  Begin each day well-rested and well-fed, and you will be focused and ready to learn, counsels Mann.


 Be Prepared: Make sure you stay on top of things. As soon as you receive your class schedule mark all due dates, test dates and other important days on your calendar. Keep track of when things need to be done. If you keep a running list of important dates, you can plan accordingly if something comes up, recommends Mann. That way, you will be prepared for the year.
Plan your wardrobe: Time is precious during the school year, so make things easier on yourself by organizing your wardrobe over the summer. Clean and straighten your closets and drawers, prepare your backpack and school clothes, and make sure you know your clothes. Know what you have and what you need, this way getting ready in the morning isn't such a task comments Mann.


Good Notes equal Good Grades: Keep a small notebook handy and jot down notes not only about the subject matter, but also when the teacher discusses an assignment, mentions class participation or highlights deadlines. If you write down what your teacher expects, you will never be caught unprepared again. Keep the notebook handy as an easy referencing tool for doing schoolwork or studying for an exam, advises Mann.


 Participate in Extracurriculars: Mann stresses the importance of setting time aside for extracurricular activities. Get involved in athletics, creative clubs, drama club, academic clubs, the newspaper, the yearbook or anything else that might interest you, she says. This is a great way to make friends, relieve tension and relax, all while doing something productive and fun.
Most importantly, get excited about going back to school. “Start the school year off with a positive attitude and you will be fully prepared to learn, and enjoy yourself while doing so,” imparts Mann. Sharon Mann is an organizational expert for Esselte Corporation (, the world’s leading maker of innovative organizing products – including Pendaflex® brand hanging file folders. Sharon also serves as president of the Pendaflex “I Hate Filing” club (, a dedicated group of nearly 100,000 office professionals who dislike filing but enjoy finding new ways to become more organized and more productive in the workplace.

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