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Melville, NY, November 15, 2005
The Friday before the Fourth of July may be one of the slowest workdays of the year.  Rather than spending time by the water cooler, utilize the downtime to potentially increase your chances of getting a raise or promotion.  

Sure, a clean desk looks nice, but here's a great reason to get motivated to organize: more than half of all surveyed employers take their staffs level of organization into consideration during annual reviews, according to a recent workplace study conducted by Pendaflex, a leading office solutions brand.  

The days before or after a holiday are traditionally slow, said Sharon Mann, organizational expert and president of the 100,000-member I Hate Filing Club.  Take full advantage of this professional downtime to separate yourself from the pack.  Organize your workspace and reap the benefits before you know it, you may get that promotion or raise youve been waiting for! 

Pendaflex offers the following plan to help you take advantage of slow days and organize your way up the corporate ladder: 

Step One: Get the FAT Out
More than 40 percent of office workers admit to frequently losing paperwork .  Therefore, it is imperative to deal with a document the second it enters your hand, rather than allowing it to get lost in a mountain of desktop clutter.  Sounds easy, but many people have problems ridding their desk of clutter.  Don't stress there are only three simple options: File, Act or Toss.  

Keep documents only when immediate action is required or are needed for long-term reference.  When filing documents, use hanging folders with built-in storage pockets and pre-attached tabs, such as Pendaflex Ready-Tab Hanging Folders.  Remember, all other documents belong in one place & the trash bin!
Step Two: Label Away!
“Utilizing labels can significantly reduce the time wasted searching for files and supplies that aren’t clearly labeled,” added Ms. Mann. High-quality, handheld labelmakers, like those from DYMO, are perfect for labeling hanging folders, DVDs and shelves.

Step Three: File or Pile
Let’s face it – keeping a desk entirely clear is an unrealistic goal for most busy professionals. Instead, set an obtainable expectation by keeping 50 percent of your desk surface clear at all times. Use a portable filing system, such as the Pendaflex Mobile File, to easily organize current projects for quick retrieval. Also, take full advantage of filing cabinets, overhead bins, drawers and inboxes (they are there for a reason, so use them!).

Step Four: Manage Your Time to Zap Stress
Lower anxieties by ensuring your projects are completed on time. Utilize a “to do” list and prioritize action items, based on importance. Be sure to frequently update the list and cross off complete items. If you’re stuck on a certain task and can’t delegate it, ask a coworker for advice. Chances are, they’ll be complimented you requested their expertise!

About Pendaflex: Pendaflex is one of the world's premier manufacturers of organizational solutions, bringing innovation, efficiency and style to workplace and home settings. Committed to simplifying consumers’ lives, Pendaflex produces a broad range of filing and organizational products, as well as provides solutions and resources through and Located in Melville, NY, Pendaflex is the principal U.S. brand of Esselte Corporation, a $1.2 billion office products company with subsidiaries in 29 countries and distribution in more than 120 countries. More information about Pendaflex can be found at

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