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Get Out From Under That Pile

Melville, January 25, 2005
This January, in honor of Get Organized Month, resolve to banish the mess, as well as the efficiency and aggravation accompanying it.

"The best way to get rid of clutter is through time and dedication," said Sharon Mann, an organizational expert at Pendaflex. "If you make it a point to take a couple of minutes at the end of each day and organize your workspace, you can make it a habit. Which means, you may not even need to participate in Get Organized Month 2006!"

Pendaflex, a leading global office supplies brand suggests following these three easy organizational tips to becoming clutter-free:

Get the FAT Out! - More than 60 percent of workers routinely lose paperwork. Want to know how you can keep track of every piece fo paper that lands on your desk? Just get the FAT out.

Make it a point to only handle each piece of paper once. After that, File it, Act on it, or Toss it.

Coloring Isn't Only for Kids! - Using a color-coded filing system can actually help you find files 50 percent faster. So toss the dull manila folders, and assign each project or client a different color. File folders are available in virtually any color imaginable, making it possible to implement this idea in even the largest corporation.

Assign each project/client a color or try sorting files with this popular color-coding system:
Red-"Hot" files needing immediate attention
Green-Accounts receivable, budgets or other financial documents
Yellow-Ongoing projects not requiring immediate attention
Blue-"Cold" files needed for future reference

Prioritize Work - Time management experts report that white colloar workers wast up to 40 percent of their workday. Schedule important tasks, meetings, and appointments in a daily planner to ensure that all the day's action items are acheived efficiently.

Another good idea is to always leave 15 minutes between jobs. This ensures that major projects are allotted adequate time, while minimizing the risk of last-minute interruptions disrupting your day.
About Pendaflex: Pendaflex is one of the world's premier manufacturers of organizational solutions, bringing innovation, efficiency and style to workplace and home settings. Committed to simplifying consumers' lives, Pendaflex produces a broad range of filing and organizational products, as well as provides solutions and resources through and Located in Melville, NY, Pendaflex is the principal U.S, filing brand of Esselte Corporation, a $1.2 billion office products company with subsidaries in 28 countries and distribution in more than 120 countries. More information can be found at

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Esselte Acquires Ampad

June 07, 2010
Esselte announced today that it has acquired Ampad, a leading North American manufacturer of nationally branded and private label office and stationery products.

Esselte Completes Acquisition of Isaberg Rapid

March 04, 2010
Esselte announced today that it has completed its previously announced acquisition of Isaberg Rapid, one of the world’s leading companies within the stapling business. Isaberg Rapid, which has its headquarters in Hestra, Sweden, develops, manufactures and markets staplers, pliers, stapling tools, glue guns and electric insert staplers for leading manufacturers of copying machines and printers.

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