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Mr. Tax Man

Melville, January 16, 2005
Tax season. It's the time of year when nightmares prevail.  Almost everyone has dreamed of standing in lines at the Post Office, forgetting to double check forms before hitting send or even auditors invading their home.  So how can you fend off the horror of the season, and make paying taxes as painless as possible?  

Many people find that tax time is anxiety provoking but it doesn't have to be that way, said Sharon Mann, an organizational expert for Pendaflex.  One very simple way to avoid April headaches is to spend a few extra minutes and implement a simple system that will keep you organized all year long. 

Pendaflex, a leading global office supplies brand, has compiled some easy tips and tricks to help you stay on top of all the necessary paperwork:

Shoeboxes Are Just For Shoes
Throwing all of your receipts and paperwork into a big shoebox which then gets shoved under the bed can only create confusion when April 15th rolls around.  Instead, try keeping a Pendaflex Vertical File on hand.  This durable, hanging system has removable files.  Assign each file a subject such as employment, retirement planning, insurance, or other topics youll need to reference.
Expiration Dates
While some documents are priceless, others can be tossed after a few years.  The key to staying organized is knowing when to toss, and when to hang on to, important paperwork.

Fidelity National Title Company recommends following these simple guidelines to make sure that you always have what you need on hand.

Birth / Death Certificates, Indefinitely

Marriage Certificates, Indefinitely

Divorce / Custody / Adoption Papers, Indefinitely

Health Records / Wills, Indefinitely

Deeds, Indefinitely

Passport, Indefinitely

Contracts, 7 years after expiration

Tax records, 7 years

Bank / Credit Card Records, 6 years

Insurance Policies, 4 years from the expiration date

Stock and Bond Certificates, 4 years after selling

Mortgage / Loan Papers, 3 years after paying it off

Owners Manuals / Warranties, As long as you own the product
Your File Style
Today, there are a variety of ways to file your taxes.  Finding the one youre most comfortable with up front makes the entire process easier. 

Whether you choose to file electronically, over the phone or through an accountant, make sure youre comfortable with your choice, added Mann.  If you have a bad feeling about an accountant, or dont have faith in a computer program, listen to your gut instinct if nothing else, youll feel confident that your finances are 100 percent in order.  And thats a feeling money cant buy.

About Pendaflex:
Pendaflex is one of the world's premier manufacturers of organizational solutions, bringing innovation, efficiency and style to workplace and home settings. Committed to simplifying consumers' lives. Pendaflex produces a broad range of filing and organizational products, as well as provides solutions and resources through and Located in Melville, NY, Pendaflex is the principal U.S. filing brand of Esselte Corporation, a $1.2 billion office products company with subsidiaries in 27 countries and distribution in more than 120 countries. More information about Pendaflex can be found at

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