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Nearly Half of Americans Haven’t Organized this Year

Stamford, CT, October 09, 2003
According to a recent survey, an overwhelming 48 percent of people questioned have not taken steps to organize and file vital documents such as birth certificates, marriage licenses and social security cards. *  This information has been unveiled just in time to inform and inspire people across the country to participate in Get Organized Week, October 5 11. 
Of those who organize, 63 percent of people surveyed admitted to storing their important personal documents in file cabinets or a safe, however, that did not inspire confidence that documents would still be relatively easy to find.  In fact, less than half (44%) of adults surveyed could confidently answer where they were currently storing their passport.


A lifestyle that lacks organization makes up for it in frustration, states Chris Curran, Esselte spokesperson. Esselte is committed to developing organizational systems that allow people to work smarter not harder, in their home, office and in life, increasing productivity and maximizing the use of time.


Curran offers these foolproof tips for organizing your personal documents.


While it may be tempting to hold onto everything, weeding out what to throw and what to file is a step in the right direction to exonerate clutter.


What to toss: ATM receipts, old magazines and catalogs, bank deposit slips, credit card receipts, junk mail, expired warranties and sales receipts for minor purchases.  Dont forget to check the financial items for accuracy before tossing, but once youve verified that they are correct, throw them out! 

What to keep: W-2s and 1099s, monthly financial statements, receipts/bills for tax deductions, pay stubs, monthly mortgage statements, canceled checks, receipts for major purchases and warranties. 


No matter which storage method you prefer, file your documents in clearly marked folders, making it easy to find what you need.  The LetraTag, a DYMO handheld labeler, is a great tool that allows you print easy-to-read labels on the spot and avoid the inevitable stains and missing-in-action caps that are the pitfalls of markers and pens. 


Once all your documents are sorted, develop a method for keeping them that way.  A sorting zone is an easy way to deal with the never-ending influx of personal papers.  Choose a storing process that works best for you such as dividing by activities (bills to be paid, documents to be filed, mail to be sorted) that you can deal with throughout the week or having just one main file for a thorough end-of-the-week sort.


The Get-a-Grip expanding file from Pendaflex offers a portable workspace that makes a perfect sorting zone.  The expanding file system has a handy grip pad that allows it to hang from any smooth surface, whether a kitchen counter or an office desk.  It also has storage space for those extras, such as a notepad, checkbook or disk that youll want to have on hand.  Once you have your zone set up, dont let a single document sneak past you.  If you sort it when it comes through the door, itll be one less piece to worry about later. 
This week marks the 11th annual Get Organized Week founded by the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO). Get Organized Week celebrates the benefits of organization showcasing ways people and businesses can streamline their lives, create more time and lower stress through organization. Esselte, the global leader of office supply manufacturers, is committed to providing innovative solutions that simplify your life through their wide array of products offered under the DYMO, Oxford and Pendaflex lines.
*This national online survey was conducted by Leflein Associates on behalf of Esselte Corporation October 6th, 2003 among 1004 adults 18+ who have internet access. The margin of error for this survey is plus or minus 3 percentage points.

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