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Spring Fling

Melville, December 15, 2004
Clutter doesn't discriminate, and neither should your spring-cleaning.  Home offices, cubicles and executive offices are equally susceptible to the untidiness that causes inefficiency, aggravation and simply wastes time (and money!).  So spring-clean all those piles of files, and you'll be surprised at how fast you go from to do to done all year long.

 Stress and in-officiency are commonplace when your work area is disorganized, said Sharon Mann, an organizational expert at Pendaflex.  Once you get the major spring-cleaning done, make it a point to spend a few minutes each day organizing your schedule and files.  You'll see the benefits in no time increased productivity and reduced stress.  Each of these easy steps will allow you to save time as well as improve efficiency.  Say goodbye to clutter!

 Pendaflex, a leading global office supplies brand, offers five quick tricks to help maximize your spring-cleaning ritual and your life:

You've Got To Spend Time To Make Time
According to a recent study conducted by Pendaflex, the typical American office worker uses approximately 200 sheets of paper each day-no wonder there are cluttered desks across America! With such a high volume of paper, it is imperative to spend a couple minutes each day sorting and filing. If your worday ends at 5 p.m., plan to end it 4:55 and use the last five minutes of each prepping yourself for tomorrow.

Your desk has drawers - use them! Utilize file folders and media storage to become more efficient and keep important data at your fingertips. Keep action files nearby for quick access and store permanent files in a filing cabinet for later review.
Look Like a Pro
Everyone's had issues with printing to sheet labels - be it jamming in the printer or the 50 yard office dash to manually feed the sheets. In fact, more than 72 percent of workers face problems when using regular printers for labels. Give your filing system a professional makeover by using a label maker that allows you to print directly from the desktop, such as Dymo's Labelwriter 330 Turbo, which will do away with paper jams! Use it to label stackable trays, in-boxes, file folders, hanging folders, CD-ROMS...even your computer cables!

Organize With Style!
Studies show that a color coded filing system can cut the time spent looking for a file in half! Bland manila folders are hard to organize and easy to overlook. Companies like Pendaflex offer file folders in a myriad of colors that help customize your workspace and stay organized. Many offices use the following color-coding system: red folders for files needing immediate attention, blue for cold items needed for future reference, green for anything associated with money and yellow for long-term projects.

Lists Arent Just for Holiday Cards
The average person has 37 hours of work on their desk at any given time, according to the Hemphill Productivity Institute. Making mental notes to keep track of it all is not sufficient in today's fast-paced and high-stress world. By reserving a few minutes each day to the upkeep of an ongoing "to do" list, you can prioritize and get important tasks finished on time. Writing each task down (or input to your PDA) and reviewing the list regularly will not only help improve efficiency, it will also give you a sense of accomplishment each time a task is crossed off the list.
Priotizing Saves Time
Some executives will pick up a single piece of paper 30 or 40 times before acting on it, according to the Hemphill Productivity Institute. To avoid this "time waster", pick up the item once and analyze its significance-if the action item takes less than five minutes to complete, do it immediately! This will ensure that minor tasks do not weigh heavily on you as your strive to acheive the more time-consuming action items on your list.

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