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Melville, December 15, 2004
November 9, 2004

A recent study reveals 65 percent of Americans admit they werent born with the organization gene , contributing to mass disorganization, piles of files and other stuff congesting home offices nationwide.  Whether you work exclusively from home, occasionally telecommute or use your home office to attend to and manage a busy household, you probably suffer from the same malady that strikes all offices clutter!  

Being embarrassed to invite people into your home because your office is cluttered, or scrambling to hide a paper mountain when unexpected guests arrive isnt fun, said Sharon Mann, an organizational expert at Pendaflex.  Stop making excuses and start organizing.  Follow these three simple steps to save time and energy, as well as become more efficient in your home office! 

Pendaflex, a leading global office supplies brand, offers the following quick tricks to improve home officiency 

According to a recent Pendaflex survey

1.First and Foremost& File

The average person loses an astounding one out of every 20 documents .  Stop misplacing important documents by adopting the mantra Act, Toss, File to develop (and maintain) a productive home working environment.   

A recent survey found that 90 percent of people procrastinate because they cant deal with the idea of cleaning up existing clutter .  The secret to improving organization is to take action as soon as a document enters your hands, immediately decide what youre going to do with it.  Dont even think about adding yet another paper to your file pile& Either toss or file it! 

2.Home Office Tips Add One...

It is equally important to properly file remaining documents stop throwing papers into overflowing drawers.  Choose organizational products (like Pendaflexs color-coordinated Home Subject Folders with pre-printed headings) that will help you maintain a clutter-free environment.

3.Label Away

Labels are the unsung heroes of organization.  Unfortunately, 72 percent of people who create labels using a standard printer encounter some sort of printing problem, including labels jamming in the printer .  

Instead of wasting time wrestling with jammed label sheets, use a high-quality handheld label writer, such as the DYMO ExecuLabel LM150 , to efficiently produce professional-quality labels.  Create and print labels for drawers, boxes, shelves, CDs and even computer wires without engaging your already overworked computer straight from your hands (bidding adieu to paper jams)!

4.Set the Mood!

A disorderly work environment has a negative affect on more than 60 percent of people Working amidst clutter can quickly halt concentration and consequently destroy productivity.  Set a clutter-free goal keep 50 percent of your desk visible at all times by using file folders, binders and other useful filing options.  

Creating a peaceful work environment also adds to heightened productivity.  Simple, personal touches such as displaying pictures of friends and family or a more modern technique like feng shui will make you feel more comfortable and more likely to spend time in your workspace getting your to do list done! 

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