66 Series Account Books


66 Series Account Books

Blue canvas cover with sturdy red corners. Premium white acid free paper. Waterproof and permanent inks.
Table of contents and place marking ribbon.

Pictured Product: 66-500-J
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Product #PagesRulingLines Per Page
66-500-J500 PagesJournal33
66-500-R500 PagesRecord35
66-150-J150 PagesJournal33
66-150-R150 PagesRecord35
66-300-J300 PagesJournal33
66-300-R300 PagesRecord35
  • Blue canvas cover with sturdy red corners for extra durability.
  • Inks are waterproof and permanent.
  • Table of contents page and place marking ribbon.
  • 16Lb White bond paper.
  • Book Size- 12 1/8" x 7 1/2"

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