Are Organized People Happier?

Keeping things in their place at work can bring you peace of mind

We all have tons of stress in our lives, and let’s face it, most of us are not happy about it. The fact is, being better organized can help relieve stress and make you happier overall, simply because you won’t waste time and energy constantly searching for things that are buried under a disorganized mound of untidiness.

Actually, the relationship between organization and contentment goes even deeper than that, providing a number of important benefits that can contribute to a person’s happiness. Consider the findings of researchers who have studied the subject:

Organized people get more done, faster. Not only does this create extra time for other tasks, it also creates a sense of accomplishment.

Employees who are better organized tend to earn more money and are typically promoted more often. This is no surprise, since they are able to complete more projects more successfully in a shorter time period.

Organized people are usually able to think more clearly. Freeing your world of messiness also frees your mind, enabling you to better concentrate.

Workers, especially those who toil in offices, have a better sense of control when their workspace is organized. Think about it, you’ll know where everything for example, when the boss calls and asks a question you can put your finger on the reference material immediately.

Self satisfaction will increase. If you’ve ever cleaned the garage, or a closet you’ve ignored for years, you know the feeling. It’s very satisfying to step back and look at what you’ve done. Becoming and remaining organized in your office life can be the same way. Reporting to a well-organized working environment each morning – and leaving it the same way each evening – will give you a satisfying sense of order.

Being organized simplifies the mundane so you can emphasize what’s really important. Have you ever looked out your window at a snowstorm, watching the snow pile up in the driveway, and decided to shovel a little at a time so it’s not such an overwhelming task when the entire storm is over?

Staying organized continuously, through simple approaches such as transferring a loose paper from your desk to a file, allows you to concentrate on the bigger picture: whether it’s finishing that huge year-end project or coming up with the next big idea for your department or company.