Fall-ing Into Place

Suggestions for organizing things around the house during the autumn months.

Summer has come to an end, a distinct chill is in the air, leaves are falling...and certain areas of your home could use a little tidying up.

Fall is a great time to get organized around the house, preparing you for the holidays and also for the longer amounts of time you’ll spend inside during the winter.

Here are some fall organization tips for tidying up your living space right now:

Go through your clothes drawers, and the kids’ clothing drawers, to remove any items you or they no longer wear. You might be startled to discover just how many articles of clothing that amounts to! Place the no-longer-used clothing in clearly marked boxes and store them away in the attic or another storage space. Better yet, give them to charity.

During the summer months, the workbench area in the basement was largely ignored, and it might have been used as a “stacking spot” for inflatable water toys or other outside stuff. Now that you’ll be indoors more, you may want to actually use the workbench for home improvement projects. Store loose nuts, bolts, screws, washers and other items in empty coffee cans or jelly jars. Be sure to clearly mark each can or jar in terms of its contents.

Begin getting winter-wear items ready, for example boots. A great tip: keep your boot tops from toppling offer, getting wrinkled and becoming untidy by inserting a clean (and empty) 1-litre soda bottle into each boot.

If you’re thinking ahead to the holiday season, you might want to start organizing ornaments right now. Here’s another terrific tip: many ornaments can be stored and protected in egg cartons, making them easily accessible and helping to prevent breakage or loss not only this year but also in years to come.

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